About Preventive healthcare

 Preventive healthcare consists of measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment. Preventive Healthcare focuses on the health of individuals, communities, and defined populations. The goal is to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being and to prevent disease, disability, and death.

While it involves immunizations, it cuts across every aspect of healthcare schematics.

A push for preventive healthcare not only promotes better clinical outcomes for patients but also mitigates the high cost of treating chronic conditions or injuries in their later stages.

We encourage patients to live healthier lives and to be more proactive about any sicknesses or illness by thinking prevention. it is possible to make healthy happen.


Think Prevention, Save Lives!

 Disease Prevention is our Passion!

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Pharmacists spend years learning about medications, their place in therapy and their not so desirable effects called “side effects”.  

Working with patients in community, hospital, public and other health settings,  studies have shown that no other health professional has access to more patients than pharmacists. This provides opportunity to talk up prevention care and follow up. 

One Pharmacist experience changed the way a proactive group of Pharmacists approaches to pharmacy care.

The question “How can I prevent this" from a patient,  was not unique but represents the question of many patients struggling with chronic diseases.

She learned to close every patient counseling session with simple prevention tips and a prevention script.

She found ways to integrate disease prevention into counseling and medication management, encouraging patients to live healthier lives and to be more proactive about the medications they take.

She was called the “Prevention Pharmacist” a nickname she gladly adopted as it captures her mission to help people prevent diseases and live a healthy life.

Now over one hundred pharmacists have joined the prevention pharmacist club, using the prevention script and other ideas to promote healthy habits to the patient while driving revenue for their business. 

Prevention Pharmacists strongly believe that if diseases can occur, they can be prevented, managed, or cured.

They advocate for preventive care education, a welcome shift in healthcare that narrows the gap between “the healthy” and “the sick”.


They look for prevention opportunities in every situation, working with patients and the general public to promote understanding and help them make an informed decision about prescriptions or over the counter medications.

As a result of their individual and collective efforts, more patients see a path to recovery from their chronic diseases, while the request for preventive care has increased tremendously. 







Especially when there is no cure.
Make it work for you!

My Goal is Simple: Better health by prevention!