The Power of Prevention


Following the enlightening episode of my encounter with a patient who asked a different question, I began to observe people's behavior around the subject of prevention. The theme of prevention is not new, but its practical application is usually delegated to as more(pre-order today)

 With practice, it became clear how the same model can be replicated as a wholesome approach with strategies instead of a fragmented benefit to health, fire, violence, abuse and other areas. This observation crystallizes much of what we already know as the tendency of humans to practice more(pre-order today)


Prevention intelligence is the ability to envision the future, gain insight, and use this information to plan better ways to mitigate or eliminate current barriers(s) to success. It is also called tactical intelligence, strategic assessment, or intelligent led more(pre-order today)


People with high PI are robust strategic planners.  They make tactical decisions in life or businesses before they take action, and are usually highly successful.

 Everyone has the potential to control the outcome and stop adversity in its tracks with the power of prevention. These are problems related to anything – a health concern, social issue or financial trouble.

So why do people fall into easily avoidable difficulties? more

The habit of prevention is an idea whose time has come. Our society is well overdue to make it a priority in every stage of education, business, personal, and security development. Students need to learn how to think strategically before they act. Corporations need to learn how to make tactical decisions that drive a positive and amazing experience for customers. Patients need to understand how to decrease disease and medication burden using practical prevention strategies. Adults need to harness the power of prevention to reduce the incidence of drug addiction and abuse. Healthcare professionals need tactics of prevention to reduce medical and medication more(pre-order the book today)

This book is dedicated explicitly to highlight practical ways to develop the habit of prevention, improve prevention intelligence(PI) and apply it to gain insight into almost all areas of life and living. If it can happen, It can be prevented.

My modest desire is that this book can inspire self-reflection and tactical reasoning to apply the principle of prevention in your quest for health, wealth, and happiness. It captures my professional experience in over 25 years of practice with examples, suggestions, and prevention script and cues with a checklist you can start using today.........Read more(pre-order)

Here is what I discovered:

  • Prevention is not only a powerful anticipatory practice model but its ability to also influence the present also makes it a compelling model with two pairs of optic intelligence.

  • The benefit of prevention practice in healthcare continues to be successfully replicated in other domains of life and living.

  • Sugarcoating the value of prevention with other ornate names dilutes its perception and expansive positive impact.

  • The habit of prevention is a prerequisite to an accomplished life and high impact success.